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Holy McFucking Jesus Burger

So, I’m currently unemployed and therefore unable to pay my hosting bill. Fucken’ sweet, aye?

So in the meantime, until either I get a new job or win the lottery (both equally as unlikely since it’s so close to Christmas, hardy fucking har har), I’m going to make use of this blog and my tumblr. I currently have no idea when I’ll be able to pay for my hosting again. I’m frantically looking for new work, so hopefully something should come up soon.

Until then, stick around here, I guess.


1. This blog is basically dead

2. I will no longer be supporting my mods on the Nexus family of sites. You can find the latest version of my work, as well as some previously unreleased goodies, over on my actual website.

3. You can follow my modding blog, or keep in touch on my personal blog.

4. This blog will probably go down soon.

Happy Seriously Belated New Year!

Ack. I know I’ve been a massive shit when it comes to updates. Honestly, it’s starting to feel like working on my mods is an obligation. A wise modder friend told me many moons ago that when a hobby starts feeling like a chore, it’s time to stop. But I hate leaving things unfinished and so… yeah, Abbotsford is STILL being worked on.

Not sure who still reads this or where you’re from, but the weather has been pretty crap in Sydney, Australia. Last Friday we experienced the hottest temperatures on record at a whopping 46°C (that’s 114°F!) and for the last few weeks it’s been swinging between bullshit hot and rain and it’s draining my strength. On top of that my iron levels have been severely low so really, I’ve not had much energy to do anything these days. Not even play video games!

That said, I’ve had bullshit amounts of inspiration to revamp all my race mods for Oblivion… so essentially perfecting them, then leaving them on Nexus as final versions. Although that’s not happening til I finish Abbotsford. 

Yeah, just thought I’d give everyone an update. I’m alive (barely) and I’m slowly working on stuff. I’m really sorry it’s taking me so long.

…I may be able to work faster if you guys help upvote Frozen Hearth on Steam Greenlight! 

…please? :3

Frozen Hearth

I normally don’t do this sort of thing, but I’m helping my bestie out with spruiking a game his company has been working on for the last year and a bit.

(Hit the image; it’ll take you to the Steam Greenlight page for Frozen Hearth.)

Go check it out (and if you’re feeling generous- and you have a Steam account- maybe vote for it?)! I can assure you that it’s quite fun and addictive, and while the GL page might be lacking a couple of things (like a gameplay video, which I’ve been told is on its way), just trust me on this one, it’s a great game.

So go forth and vote for it to be released on Steam! ♥


This week has been an absolute ball, sans a few mosquito bites on my legs, the beginning of a serious bout of tonsillitis and an online argument with some twit who figured they couldn’t argue against me properly so instead they’d just call me a white supremacist.

Because I’m not half-African or anything. And I didn’t date a dude from Zimbabwe or anything. Yup.

ANYWAY. I digress.

So, on Monday, nothing much happened. Work was samey. No dramas.

On Tuesday, I got an email from Origin, saying my laptop had left their Adelaide office and was en route to Sydney through TOLL. There was no sleep that night, I can assure you.

On Wednesday, two amazing things happened- in the morning, I got a call from my pseudo-sister, telling me that we’d been approved for the apartment we applied for (with her boyfriend). Two hours later, a TOLL delivery man showed up on my doorstep with my laptop! Then after a while I freaked out and realised I’d need to get a second job since working two days a week won’t earn me enough to live off. So I spammed my résumé off to a bunch of places. Got a call back from all but one! One of them wanted me to get in for an interview as soon as possible, so we booked one for the next morning.

On Thursday, I went for that interview and got a call back within an hour. Celebrated with a chai latte and the newest Sailor Moon manga. Then I spent the afternoon with my friends sorting out house rules.

On Friday, I went in for my second interview and got the job. So now I’m working two days at my first job and three at the other. So g’d~!

On Saturday, the lease for the new place was signed and we got the keys. It’s official- I’m finally moving out! I’m letting my friends get themselves sorted over the next fortnight first, then I’ll move in once the actual rent needs to start getting paid as we’ve paid a few weeks in advance.

And finally today I managed to sleep in after this hectic week. Unfortunately I woke up with a massive migraine and a really sore throat, so I’m taking tomorrow off so I can recover, as I’m starting the second job this coming Wednesday. So excited!

So, what does this all mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, for the first couple of weeks once I move into the new place, I proooobably won’t have internet, so the update for Abbotsford won’t be available til we get that sorted out, but at least that gives me a chance to test it a bit more! And who knows, I may even end up making new stuff for it.

Aside from that, it just means I’m growing up a little. This week has been huge, and everything’s happening so fast, but at least it’s happening, and I’m actually happy about that~

Okay, that’s all for now!

So, about Abbotsford…

Just got an email from Origin. New graphics card arrived this morning, so they’re building it now, and it’s shipping out sometime this week.

…so I sort of have to get my shit together and finish the Abbotsford update before that happens, because next week will be all about moving my files from DarkLight (the old laptop) to Love Machine (new, superior laptop), as I’m giving DarkLight to my sister once I reformat it.


Abbotsford 2.0~

So, since I can’t play any games at the moment sans a quick ten minute playtest in Oblivion (I’ve finished The Binding of Isaac so many times that I no longer find it challenging), I’ve been working on a massive update for Abbotsford. Now, just to recap, because I’ve changed my username on pretty much everything, I’ve modified Abbotsford to reflect the change. That is to say, 2.0 will NOT simply be an update. It’s a whole new version that requires 1.0 to be uninstalled first. The folders in the mod have all been renamed and I’ve rather painstakingly renamed every single existing mesh both in the folders and in the CS. If that’s not an indication of how badly I want to drop the DesuChan tag then I don’t know what is. Once Abbotsford 2.0’s done, I’ll be doing the same to my race mods.

I posted links to the readme and changelog for Abbotsford 2.0, which I update as I change or add things, if anyone’s interested. Anything in red text on the changelog has already been completed and works as far as my game goes.

That said, I’m ordering my new laptop tomorrow night when my paycheque clears, so it’ll be about a month til I have a working laptop. I aim to have all my mods done by the time it arrives!

Oh. And I’m calling it Love Machine. If you’ve seen Summer Wars, you’ll get the reference.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Time to actually do some work!